Gabric Parseh
Company, is a private joint stock company that was established in 2002. Company management consists of experienced technicians and managers in international trade. Gabric Parseh is specialized in the field of health, hygiene, cosmetics, food supplement, energetic and organic drinks. The company's main activity is in the field of cosmetics, particularly skin care products. Gabric Parseh as a representative and importer of foreign goods, has a great experience in the field of cosmetic products

Gabric Parseh is expanding day by day and in a short time. Thanks to the flexibility and ability to reach the market conditions, it has a significant quantitative and qualitative growth

Organization Chart


Company Activity

We believed that Gabric Parseh Company, has the necessary sales and marketing department and capital, so it can be successful in Iranian market.

: Gabric Parseh sees its strengths in the following
Influence in the market with distribution networks
Well experienced managers and employees
A good working knowledge of characteristics of the consumer market.
Honesty and straightforward dealing

We are four sister companies in Parsanian Industrial & Commercial holding, consists of Gabric Parseh, Rah-e-Sevom Parsian Business and Commercial Group, Clinic and University of applied science and technology. Gabric Parseh is an exclusive supplier for Rah-e-Sevom and has a powerful research and development department with a purpose to fulfill the demand of Rah-e-Sevom with its most capability.
Rah-e-Sevom is a multi-level marketing Co. with experienced managers. They get together for making an international brand. The strategy for supplying the products for this company is to set the ones with the best quality and being the most efficient for the consumers. So with the purpose of health promotion, Rah-e-Sevom collect the best cosmetics and Hygiene products and improve the quality and quantity of the products by using the direct sales strategies and requirements of the society. The main purpose of this company is to provide the products which has the natural formulation with less chemical hazards. By selling the good quality products and quick, accurate and competent services to the consumers with different ages all around the world, Rah-e-Sevom has the goal to become one of the best in its own field.

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